New Jersey

We didn’t get as far as we wanted to today.  When we left the campground we immediately got stuck in traffic due to some road construction.  That ate up an hour of our time.  We passed a sign that said “Travel Advisory, Essential Travel Only” but there was no way out, so there we sat.

Traffic Jam

Shortly after clearing that we stopped for gas and filled up our tank.  $3.81/gallon at TA on the east side of New Haven, for a total of $166.22. No lines.

On the way out of Connecticut we were seeing caravans of utility trucks from states like Illinois, South Carolina and Michigan going in the direction of New York City.  We wondered if they were done with Connecticut and are on their way home, or to New York or New Jersey to help them.  I wish I knew.

A small caravan of utility trucks going south

The drive from SW Connecticut to the west side of New York City was not fun.  But once we got on I-287 and started going south and into New Jersey on the New Jersey Turnpike it was much much better.

There was not much damage to see, as what trees that had been downed have been removed along the highway.  As tempting it was to go see the damage along the coast we knew we did not belong there.

National Guard Caravan

We passed a few Service Plazas that were closed because they had no gas.  Then the next one we saw had long lines backed out to the highway waiting to buy gas.  We still had 3/4 tank, so no problem for us.

We only drove 180 miles but that was enough for today.  We found a Walmart near Trenton, NJ, and will park here overnight.  There are two other RV’s in the lot with us.

There are still 1.2 million people in New Jersey without power today and gas is in short supply.  Twelve counties in New Jersey are rationing gasoline based on their license plate number.  Even numbers can buy gas on even-numbered days, and odd numbers can buy gas on odd-numbered days.

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