New Jersey Air

After our morning McDonald’s coffee we got back on the New Jersey Turnpike and headed south again.  The service plazas were all open on the southern half of New Jersey and there were no waiting lines.

There was some road construction, but nothing that slowed us down.  Most of what we drove today was tree-lined.  The sun was out for a while and we could see some nice fall coloring at times.

New Jersey Turnpike

We stopped for gas at one of the service plazas.  Did you know that you cannot pump  your own gas in New Jersey?  It’s one of two states in the country that has a state law forbidding you to pump your own gas.  Oregon is the other state.

The price was $3.57 per gallon, and our total came to $125.  The pump cut us off at that amount and it was almost full so we didn’t bother to re-insert the credit card.

Bernie decided we need air in the rear tires.  Their air hose wasn’t strong enough to pump air into our big truck-sized tires so we went down the road to a Flying J Truck Stop.  They had a stronger  hose, but for some reason the air just would not inflate the tires no matter what Bernie did.

There is a Camping World a few miles away so we went there.  Their service department isn’t open on Sundays but the store employees thought someone should be able to help us in the morning.  So we are spending the night in the Camping World parking lot.

That’s cool though, because I can use their free Guest Wi-Fi all night long.  We’re still in New Jersey, just across the river from Philadelphia, PA.

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