Going South

We’ve been on the road a lot the last few days.  We had put the RV in storage in Maryland and drove the Jeep north to New Hampshire to have Thanksgiving with the kids.  That was fun and we would have loved to have stayed longer but they had to get back to their jobs and we need to get back to our RV as we had not winterized it and there is a cold front coming in.

Me, Teresa, Danielle, Eric, and Bernie

Friday morning we left New Hampshire and drove all day back to Maryland.  Everything was fine with the RV and we spent the night in it.  In the morning we drove down to Petersburg, Virginia, making it a total of approximately 1,135 miles in the last four days.

We have found a Walmart with a nice big parking lot and will be spending the night here.  The low tonight is supposed to be 27 degrees, so we are not far enough south.  We will continue our southern trek tomorrow.

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