More South

This was another day of just driving, rather uneventful.  The roads were busy with holiday travelers returning from their Thanksgiving weekend destinations.  There were no delays as we boogied on down I-95 for 314 miles, through the rest of Virginia, North Carolina, and into South Carolina stopping at every rest area to stretch our legs and change drivers (yes, I drive it too).

The weather is warming, which is exactly what we are searching for.   The high was 59 today and low 32 for tonight, as opposed to Minnesota which is more like 34 and 8.

As the sun was going down it was right in our eyes so we stopped at a Walmart to spend the night.  We had driven enough for the day anyway.  There are two other RV’s in this lot with us right now.  Snowbirds.

Home Sweet Home

Our total fuel expenditure for today was $301.31 for gasoline at prices of $3.189 and $3.099 per gallon and propane total was $26.07 at a price of $2.99+tax.

Lodging: free 🙂

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