Savannah, GA

The first place any visitor should go in Savannah is the Visitor Center.  It’s in an old railroad station.  There is a museum there as well as the usual gift shops and food.  For $24 we can park the motorhome and the Jeep in their RV parking lot for 48 hours.

Savannah Visitor Center

There are three, maybe four, different Trolley Tour companies stationed in the parking lot that want your business.  We did the Old Town Trolley Tour last year when we were here so we chose not to do it again this time.

There is also a free shuttle bus that stops here that will take you around the town.  And, our parking pass will also allow us free parking at the parking meters, city parking lots, and parking garages.. did I say free parking?  Such a rare thing these days.  It is their way to enhance the Savannah Experience for both visitors and residents by reducing traffic and parking congestion.

But then, Savannah is one of the most walkable cities in America.   Even so, we took the free shuttle to the waterfront and walked around.

Historic River Street

There are many pubs, restaurants and shops in the historic waterfront.  The original cobblestone streets are still there.  Between the buildings and the water is a lovely plaza with plantings, trees, benches and sidewalks.

Riverboat Tours

There were two large riverboats all decked out for Christmas.  There were really very few tourists in town today so the boats were nearly empty.  After exploring the riverfront area the only way out is to walk up an old cobblestone alley and/or climb some old steps like these.  There is an elevator for those who prefer that.


Once up the steps to the upper ground level on the other side of all those old buildings you are met with Emmet Park.  We walked along the tree-lined sidewalk.  Spanish moss hung from the branches.  The park includes several historic markers and memorials.

Emmet Park

Old Harbor Light from 1858

It was such a nice day we decided not to wait for the free bus and just walk back to the visitor center.  On the way we walked by Paula Deen’s restaurant, The Lady & Sons.

Paula Deen’s The Lady & Sons

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