Savannah Factor’s Walk

This time we drove the Jeep around the historic downtown Savannah area.  The old streets  are narrow and there are many one-way streets.  But seeing as this was a slow time of year we had no trouble driving or finding a place to park.  We just walked and visited some of the shops.

Downtown Savannah

We did return to the riverfront area too.  Lunch was at The Cotton Exchange Pub & Restaurant.  Bernie had the Reuben sandwich and potato salad and I had the shrimp & Grits.  We’re in the south now, grits are everywhere.

To get back up to the upper street level we had to walk up an old cobblestone alley and some steps.  Behind, or is it the front? of the riverfront buildings is the Factor’s Walk.

Factor’s Walk

In the early 19th century cotton was one of the nation’s major exports and Savannah was the busiest seaport on the Atlantic and second in the world.  The old buildings were warehouses on a 40′ bluff.  That’s why you have to climb steps to get back up to the street level.  Back in the cotton exchange days the men who “factored” how much cotton came in worked on these walkways and bridges.  The wagons would come through the lower level and the Factor’s would look down and see the load from above.  The shopkeepers park their cars there now.  I know it looks like a scary place, but it’s really safe to walk there.  The scary part is walking on those old cobblestone streets without twisting your ankle!

Factor’s Walk

Climbing back up to the street level

Old Savannah Cotton Exchange (1887)

The Colonial Park Cemetery caught our attention.  This historic cemetery was established around 1750, it’s been restored and there are several historic markers telling about the significant Savannahians buried there.  There are no Civil War Confederate soldiers buried there, but it has been said that bored Union soldiers who were camped here changed the dates on many of the headstones making it look as if some people lived hundreds of years.

Colonial Park Cemetery


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  1. Bobbi Acton says:

    Hi from Silverhill, AL. We are working here at the Wales West RV and Light Train Park. Have been decorating for three weeks. Now I an Mrs. Claus and Bob an elf. If you come this way we would love to see you. In southern AL near gulf. Lots to see and do here.

    Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2012 22:08:02 +0000 To:


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