Savannah 3

This was another day of wandering aimlessly around Savannah.  Forsyth Park is the largest park in the Historic District.  It is a very beautiful park with paved sidewalks, fountains, and monuments.

Forsyth Park

The Fountain in Forsyth Park

Memorial to Confederate Dead

We continued walking out of the park and around the streets of the neighborhood.  I enjoy the architectural style of the buildings.  There was an antique store in another building like these in the picture.  We explored all four floors of antiques, it was like going into a museum.  There were some very unique and very high-priced pieces of furniture in there.  Different than the antiques you find in Minnesota.

A Street in Savannah

Back again to the Riverfront area.  Lunch at Huey’s on The River.  The World War II memorial stands out, so we went to see it.  It has all the names of the WWII veterans from Chatham County. “A World Apart”

A World Apart

In addition to the nice parking pass we have, and the free shuttle bus, there is a free water taxi that will take you across the Savannah River to the Hutchinson Island where there is the convention center and the Westin Hotel and Golf Resort.  We took the ferry to the other side.

Free Water Ferry

There wasn’t really a reason for us to go over there other than to go for a free boat ride.  But the Westin Hotel did have a Christmas display of gingerbread and candy houses that was interesting.

Gingerbread and Candy House Display

Several movies have been filmed in Savannah.  You can even take a Savanna Movie Tour Bus ride if you want to.  Forest Gump was filmed here too.  The actual bench he sat on in one of the local parks here is in a museum here at the Visitor Center where we are parked. My favorite gingerbread creation was this bench of Forest Gump.

Forest Gump


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2 Responses to Savannah 3

  1. Hello…My name is Don Newman. I am from and live here in Savannah. Glad you all enjoyed your visit. Thanks for coming. I used to be a trolley tour conductor, among other things, but had to slow down when I started having heart problems then got cancer. Anyway, Happy Trails and Great Travels to you. Peace, Don


    • marsbern says:

      Thank you for liking my blog. We have been to Savannah before and it is one of our most favorite places. We will be back next year. The trolley tour we took last year was great, lots of information there and something any visitor to Savannah should not miss.


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