Not every day is an adventure.

We left Golden Isles RV Park in Brunswick this morning and drove into Florida. Just inside the border there is a very nice rest area welcome center that offers everyone a free glass of Florida orange juice or grapefruit juice. Orange juice is the official state beverage of Florida.


Welcome to Florida

After driving only 140 miles today we decided we were tired and stopped at this Walmart in Live Oak, Florida, and will spend the night here. There are three other RVs in the lot with us right now. Maybe more will arrive later. We have been seeing a lot of RVs on the road and at the rest areas.

Florida is a major orange grower and I thought I should buy some fresh Florida oranges. I was surprised to find that all the oranges in the store here came from California! From what I gather on the internet most of the oranges in Florida are made into juice or concentrate. California is the largest producer of fresh eating oranges in this country. Still…


Home for Tonight


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