Falling Waters State Park, FL

This morning we counted eight other RV’s in the Walmart parking lot with us at Live Oak, Florida.  Some arrived late last night and some left before sunrise this morning so there was no photo opportunity.  We left early, too, and headed west on I-10 until we felt like stopping.  After 167 miles we found ourselves at Falling Waters State Park…and back into our familiar Central Time Zone!!  

We are camped on one of the highest hills in Florida, 324 feet above sea level.  The $19.80 price includes electricity and water, with a dump station near by.  We have good TV and internet reception.  It’s a very nice campground, level spots, clean bathrooms and hot showers.  As I am writing this there are only four other campers here.


Falling Waters State Park, Site #5

A hiking trail just off the campground leads first to a small swimming beach.


Sandy Beach

There are very few people in the park, and nobody swimming.  It’s probably because of the off season and that this is a Sunday evening that nobody is here and not the fault of the sign at one end that basically says “Do Not Feed The Alligators”.


Do Not Feed The Alligators

The trail leads past the swimming hole and into the woods and then to a boardwalk that takes you in and around several sink holes.



Falling Water Sinkhole is also Florida’s Tallest Waterfall.  It’s been a dry spell so there was just a trickle of water going the down into the 100 foot deep hole today.  The water disappears into a cave at the bottom and nobody knows where it goes from there.

Falling Waters

Falling Water Sinkhole

It’s 77 degrees today!  And it was quite humid walking into that area.  The sink holes are lined with moss and ferns.  Standing on the lower platform in Falling Waters Sinkhole it was much cooler.


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