Gulf Islands National Seashore

We left Falling Waters State Park and drove about 130 miles west to Fort Pickens Campground at Gulf Islands National Seashore, Florida.  This campground is on one of the barrier islands on the Gulf of Mexico.  The road to here was designed for minimal disruption to wildlife habitat and the natural processes of the land.  So, the elevation is very low and prone to flooding and resulting sand deposits.  When that happens they use heavy equipment to remove the sand.  The sand is so very white it looks a lot like snow.  Looks like Minnesota after a snowfall.

Sand, Not Snow

Sand, Not Snow

With Bernie’s Senior Pass we only pay $10/night for a paved spot with water and electricity.  We paid for two nights here.


Fort Pickens Campground, #30

The temperature was around 75 degrees and very sunny, so we put on our shorts and tshirts and went to see the beach.  Nobody else was there, so we had the beach to ourselves.  The sand is so unbelievably white and clean.


White Sandy Beach on the Gulf of Mexico



That was it for today.  We walked the short boardwalk back to the campground and made supper.  The low temp for tonight should be around 60.  That’s a lot warmer than we’ve been experiencing up until now.

Boardwalk From Beach to Campground

Boardwalk From Beach to Campground

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