Fort Pickens

About a mile from our campground is historic Fort Pickens, completed in 1834 and used until 1947.  First we watched the 15 minute video about its history and then walked around the grounds.  Other than the two employees in the Visitor Center we were the only two people here.


Fort Pickens


Fort Pickens


Fort Pickens

There is a fishing pier there too and a few pelicans hanging out.  This one kept a watchful eye on me as I took its picture.


Fishing Pier at Fort Pickens

As we were driving away from Fort Pickens we drive by this concrete bunker.  This is Battery Langdon, Fort Pickens most powerful gun.  12 inch guns could throw a projectile 17 miles out to sea.  Completed in 1923 it was covered with soil during WWII to camouflage it from enemy aircraft.  We can’t go inside, but there is a hiking trail over the top of it.


Battery Langdon

After this we drove to Pensacola, FL, and got our flu shots!  When we returned we went for a walk on the nature trail and leads out of our campground and around a swamp area.


Nature Trail


Nice Sunset

The high temp today was 76.  As I write this it is 68 and 90% humidity.

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  1. Daniel Herlent says:

    Nice sunset. Your pic are better. I hope you are fine the both.


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