Finding Bob and Bobbi!

Bob and Bobbi, who we met at Bear Brook State Park in New Hampshire, let us know that they are workcamping now at Wales West RV Resort & Light Railway in Silverhill, Alabama.  That is only 60 miles from Fort Pickens, where we have been for the last two nights, so of course we moved there to see them.  We paid for two nights here, but I think we just may have to extend that.

This place is wonderful.  It’s a small RV resort and Train Park with loads of activities for young and old.  I hope to have more pictures about this place for the blog tomorrow.  After finding Bob and Bobbi and discussing all of our adventures they showed us around.  They and the other workers here have been very busy decorating for Christmas the last few weeks.  Today was cloudy and I didn’t get good pictures, hopefully tomorrow will be better light.


Wales West RV Resort & Light Railway, #32

The bazillions of lights and the oodles of inflatables should be up and running by Friday night.  Right now it’s very quiet here but by the weekend there will be busloads of people here to see Santa and to ride the trains, and much much more.


Train Station


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