New Mexico

It was a cold morning and the wind was picking up again.  We got an early start which turned out to be a good idea since the wind picked up more as the day progressed and it made driving through El Paso, TX, much easier as the traffic was light in the morning.  In the picture below we are driving the freeway in El Paso, you can see the frontage road just beyond and the border fence along side it.  That is Juarez, Mexico, over the fence. “Murder Capital of the World”, don’t go there.


Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

A few miles further is the border of Texas and the state of New Mexico.  The visitor information center there has a sign warning to watch out for rattle snakes.  That’s a little unsettling, but not to worry, it’s winter and kinda cold, so the snakes are not out this time of year.


New Mexico Visitor Information Center

This part of the country borders with Mexico and we will be seeing Border Patrol Inspection Stations.  There was a drug sniffing dog working at this one.  They did not stop us, rather just waved us on by.


Border Patrol Inspection Station

There were signs indicating that the next 15 miles has frequent dust blowing and that the visibility could be zero and to drive carefully.  It was windy, but we did not see the dust blowing, so no problem.

Zero Visibility Possible

Zero Visibility Possible


More Long Road Driving

The wind is slowing us down.  We had enough for today and are spending the night in Deming, New Mexico.  The Walmart lot we are in is a popular place for RV parking.  There are seven of us here at the moment.


Walmart RV Parking

As we ride off into the desert there will be days when we get no cell phone signal and no internet (gasp!)  So I may not be able to post daily.

Our gas expense for today was $110.  We’re seeing prices from $2.79 to $3.39

Lodging: FREE

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