Brrr… a frosty morning.  The weather forecast was for a windy day again so we left early to try to avoid that.  As we left Deming and proceeded down I-10 one of the first signs we saw was “Dust Storm Area Next 45 Miles” and to use extreme caution.  It went quite well for us, blue sky and good visibility.

One of the first things we find as we enter Arizona is a rest area that has this sign.  I took a picture of this last time we were here, but I couldn’t resist doing it again.  No worries, in this cold weather the critters hide out underground.  We are in the desert.  We’re also in Mountain Time Zone now.


Watch Your Step

We stopped at the Visitor Information Center in Wilcox, Arizona, and picked up some info about the area.  While we were there another RV arrived.  Their Toad (car in tow) has a dead battery so Bernie pulled along side and jump-started it for them.

Jump Start

Jump Start

I put these “let it snow” decals on the back window of the Toad (the Jeep).  I thought it was appropriate, and it has gotten some attention.

Let it Snow

Let it Snow

Benson I-10 RV Park in Benson, Arizona, is our home for tonight.  There is a cold front on its way here with rain and maybe even snow.  It will freeze tonight.

Benson I-10 RV Park, #85

Benson I-10 RV Park, #85

Apache Powder Company made Dynamite in Benson from 1920 until 1983.  Angel Buggies were carefully pushed down wooden walkways to transport the nitroglycerin to the dynamite mixing buildings in the distance.  If you hit a bump, you became an angel immediately. The Benson Visitor Center has a cool display about all that.


Angel Buggy

Gas expense for today:  $0.   Lodging: $20

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2 Responses to Arizona

  1. Jeanne says:

    Hi Marsha and Bernie, I have been following your path for awhile since Verlyn sent me the link. What is your final destination for the winter? We are leaving Dassel on Dec. 28 and driving to Mesa AZ. We stayed at Valle del Oro Resort last January and this time we are staying in the same park model for 3 months, Jan through March. It is located on Ellsworth just off Hwy 60.
    Let me know if you are staying somewhere in the Mesa/Phoenix area. Take care and have a very Merry Christmas. Drive Safe! Jeanne Lund


    • marsbern says:

      Awesome! How great to hear from you. And thanks for reading! We are headed for Mesa as well, but won’t be staying for three months! No reservations made yet but we will probably stay in Mesa Regal Resort or Towerpoint in Mesa, they are between Greenfield and Higley streets which are also off Hwy 60. Our plans are to stay through Christmas, but then will mosey on west for a while. Our plans are “jello” and we don’t stay anywhere long enough to sprout roots. We will definitely hook up with you in Mesa! Will keep in touch 🙂


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