Superstition Mountains

Here we are at Towerpoint Resort in Mesa.  We’ve been here since Saturday, spending time with family. We are here until Saturday morning when we have to look for another home.


Towerpoint Resort, B-80

The five of us went to visit the Superstition Mountains today.  Our first stop was at the Superstition Mountain Museum. It has turned out to be a cold day so we had to bundle up.  But even though it’s only about 55 around here we can’t complain very loudly since we know it’s around zero degrees and a very thick blanket of snow at home in Minnesota.  But then it began to sprinkle on us just a little.


Bernie, Carolyn, Norm, and Shirley

The Elvis Presley church from a movie he was in has been moved from the movie set location to here by the museum.


The Elvis Presley Church and Superstition Mountain

Just beyond the Superstition Mountain and the museum is the old mining town of Goldfield.  Here you can see museums, take a mine tour, ride a train, or ride a horse.  While we didn’t do any of that we did witness a shootout, had lunch in the old saloon, did some sight-seeing and shopping.  And then it began to sprinkle on us.

Gunfight at Goldfield

Gunfight at Goldfield


A few of the old vehicles at Goldfield.

The sprinkles stopped and the clouds began to break up.  We were even able to enjoy some sunshine!  So, we decided to make the drive up to Tortilla Flats in the Superstition Mountain Range.  It is a very beautiful drive.


Superstition Mountain Range


Superstition Mountain Range

Back at home we saw a rare sight.  A somewhat colorful sunset over Towerpoint.


B Street at Towerpoint


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  1. Teresa says:

    Superstition mountains look pretty. Nice pictures!


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