Recreational Shopping

No visit to Mesa is complete without a trip to the Mesa Market Place Swap Meet.  55 acres and 1.25 miles of covered shopping lanes and about 1,600 booth spaces.

Mesa Flea Market

Mesa Flea Market

We began our day with breakfast and live music at the food court there.  Then a few hours of recreational shopping.



The electricity at Towerpoint went out this morning before we left for the flea market.  It was still out when we returned and remained out for the rest of the day.  We could see the power crew activity out the window of Shirley’s house.  At one point the power came back on but after a few minutes we saw a big flash, heard a bang, and saw a puff of black smoke and workers running.  Nobody was hurt, but the power was out for a few more hours.


Power Crew at Work

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