Resort Hopping

The “daily” post has been missing for the last week or so.  We are fine.  It’s just that since we arrived in Mesa we’ve been visiting with neighbors and friends and relatives, doing some shopping, and walking around the resort, and eating too much.  It was nothing I felt compelled to blog about, just everyday life.

Of course we are watching the weather back in Minnesota, kinda missing the zero degree temperatures, the ice, and the feet of snow (but not really).  It’s been cool here, 60 in the daytime and sometimes 32 overnight.

Our discount club membership allowed us to stay at Towerpoint Resort for the limit of one week, then we moved next door to Mesa Regal Resort for the limit of one week, and now we have moved to Valle del Oro Resort and will be here for the limit of one week.  Next Saturday we plan to leave this area and go west towards Quartzsite and Yuma, Arizona, and then on to California.

Mesa Regal #1160

Mesa Regal Resort, space #1160


Valle del Oro Resort, space #1542

All three of these resorts are large, with approximately 1500 units in them and with many amenities and services.  While we were walking around the grounds I stopped to take a picture in the rose garden.



Gas expense for today: $99

Lodging:  $157 at Mesa Regal last week,  $143 at Valle Del Oro for this week.

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  1. Daniel Herlent says:

    Happy new year to the both. 😉 Dan.


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