Daily Post

Arizona is in the midst of a cold spell.  It was 25 degrees here when we woke up this morning.  When it warmed up a bit we saw that a few spaces down in an unoccupied space the water spigot was spewing forth.  It had frozen in the night and when it thawed it let loose.  It was too far away to get a picture out the window and too cold for me to want go outside to take a better picture but we did call the office and report it.  I suspect there were others we didn’t see.  It’s supposed to be 27 here tonight, but 20 overnight at Quartzsite, so we’re still in no hurry to get there.

We did some shopping and some cooking and TV watching, but other than that we just hung out in the RV, waiting for the weather to warm up.

Sunset at Cotton Lane RV in Goodyear

Sunset at Cotton Lane RV Resort in Goodyear

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