There are so many people in RVs at Quartzsite it makes me wonder who is left at home??  It was quite an experience, and we had a good time.  We boondocked for one week, but now our holding tanks are full and we’re almost out of water.

While there are dump stations and water available in Quartzsite for a fee we decided this was a sign for us to move on.  So we headed down Highway 95 to Yuma.  Yuma is in the southwest corner of Arizona, bordering California and Mexico.

Just north of Yuma, behind the VFW building, is another BLM dispersed camping area, also free.  The host gave us directions to where we could dump our holding tanks and get fresh water for a fee, so after accomplishing that task we are now spending the night here.


BLM Free camping behind the VFW in Yuma

Free is good.  However, there are train tracks very near here and a train passes what seems like every 15 minutes since we arrived.  We’ll decide tomorrow if we will stay or go.

Our RV expenses for today:  $10 to dump tanks, and $5 to fill up with water at Laguna Mobile Home & RV Park in Yuma.

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