We haven’t done much the last few days, just enjoying the nice weather and hanging out.  We’ve been exploring more of the flea market shows here.  It was a bit chilly this morning. Jacket and gloves were necessary.


Jacket and Gloves Needed on this Chilly Day


Downtown Quartzsite

It gets really really dark out here in the desert boondocking area as there are no security lights at all.  We don’t have any hookups so we need to be very conservative with our utilities in order to stay out here as long as we can.   We rely on battery power for almost everything.   The solar panel we bought the other day helps keep our batteries charged.  Today I picked up a pair of solar yard lights.  These were meant to be toppers for the posts on your deck, but I figured they would work quite well inside our rig as night lights.  Free light!  Free is good.  Hopefully leaving them in the front window during the day will provide enough charge to keep the lights running all night.


Solar Lights

Our RV expenses for the last few days:   NONE.   The solar lights were $16 for the pair.

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  1. Daniel Herlent says:

    Bridge to nowhere, I had one close to my home too : http://goo.gl/maps/sfDdj I hope you are well the both. Danny.


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