Yuma Farmers Market

Another wet rainy morning.  We heard about a Farmer’s Market that sells only locally grown produce taking place this morning at the Yuma Indoor Marketplace so we went in search of it.  It was actually outside, not inside, as we assumed, but that’s ok.  We bought more dates, a bulb of fennel, and some oranges.  Neither of us had ever had fennel before so we gave it a shot.


Farmer’s Market

While we were there we walked through the Yuma Indoor Marketplace.  There were several vendors in there selling their wares.  Not too different from what we saw in Quartzsite, only this was inside and had a more permanent feel to it.  In fact, I think I saw some of those same vendors at Quartzsite too.


Yuma Indoor Marketplace

On our way home we passed this team picking lettuce in the rain.

Picking in the Rain

Picking in the Rain

After lunch the rain stopped so we went out again.  There is a U-Pick-It farm about a mile north of where we are camped.  We stopped there and had dessert in their snack shop and looked around the gift shop.  The name of the u-pick-it is FROM THE FARM and it’s north of Yuma on State Route 95 about a mile north of the VFW.

Cabbage.  Could be in your kitchen in a few days.

Cabbage. Could be in your kitchen in a few days.

Right behind FROM THE FARM is The McPhaul Bridge, a 798 foot long  suspension bridge, opened in 1929; it used to span the Gila River.  It has been named to the Arizona State Register of Historic Engineering Sites.  In 1968 the river was diverted when a dam was built upstream and the highway was rerouted over a smaller bridge.  Now it spans only desert sand and rocks.

The Bridge to Nowhere

The Bridge to Nowhere

When we got home we decided to go for a walk in the woods west behind where we are camped but after hearing paint-ball guns and spatters and hoots and hollers we changed our mind and went east through an underpass across the road and the train tracks to the other side.  This area is very popular with the off-road vehicles as evidenced by the many tracks we saw.  It was not muddy from the train, it’s just hard desert sand.

A Walk in the Desert

A Walk in the Desert

Our Rig is in There Somewhere

Our Rig is in There Somewhere

Our travel expenses for today:  NONE

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4 Responses to Yuma Farmers Market

  1. christiana says:

    Do you know the name of the u pick it farm by chance? Thank You!!


  2. Tammy says:

    beautiful cabbages!


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