A Walk In The Park

Still cloudy.  Our adventure out today was to find some city parks to play in.  One of the first ones we stopped at was John F Kennedy Memorial Park.  While we were walking around the grounds we had to do a double-take on this one.  It looked so much like a hockey rink we had to take a closer look.  Being from small-town Minnesota this would not be unusual at all, but in Yuma??  Turns out it is not ice, but it is an inline skate rink.  It’s the same thing only different, right?

Inline Skate Rink

Inline Skate Rink

The Yuma Territorial Prison is something any visitor to Yuma should make a point to see.  We have seen it a few times already so are not visiting it today.  Riverside Park is just down the hill from the Yuma Territorial Prison.  There is a nice wide multi-purpose trail that leaves the park and follows along the Colorado River for miles.  I don’t know exactly how long, further than we walked anyway, and we walked for almost an hour before turning around.

Multi-purpose trail

Multi-purpose trail

There’s Bernie waiting for me.  The Yuma Territorial Prison (water tank and guard tower) is up the hill on the left, and the Ocean to Ocean Bridge ahead.  That bridge, built in 1915, was the first and only vehicular traffic bridge over the lower Colorado River for 1,200 miles, and formed a critical link on the Old Spanish Trail Highway connecting St. Augustine, FL, on the Atlantic Ocean with San Diego, CA, on the Pacific Ocean.

Our RV expenses for today:  NONE

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