El Cajon, CA

We left El Centro this morning and continued our trek west towards San Diego.  This is some pretty rugged terrain  I’m glad our vehicle is in good shape, I sure would hate to break down out here.


Along I-8 in Southern California

There is a Border Patrol checkpoint near El Centro.  They just waved us on.


Border Patrol Checkpoint

Driving west into the sun and into the San Diego metro area with this bus didn’t appeal to us.  We could have done it easy enough but we don’t have to so why bother?  So here we are at Circle RV Resort in El Cajon, California, just outside of San Diego, only about 90 miles from where we started.  Also, we have full hookups here so we can get everything all charged up, dump tanks, and top off our water tank so we’re set for the next few days since  we plan to be dry camping on the beach when we get to San Diego tomorrow.


Circle RV Resort, Site #177

Once we got settled in we went for a walk to see what we could see.  Next to the RV park are some shops.  Once was a garden center.  It looked like spring here, with daffodil and pansy and lots more.



Earthquake warning signs are something new for us.  It is a reminder that we are in earthquake prone land here.  Hopefully California will not fall off into the ocean while we are here.


Earthquake Warning Sign


Bird of Paradise

We get lots of TV stations with our antenna, but all but one are Spanish speaking channels.  And this time I remembered to turn off roaming on my cell phone so that I don’t get expensive international charges like I did twice last year!   We are very close to the Mexico border.

  • Fuel Expense today:  none
  • Camping cost: $33.55 (Passport America half-price discount)
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