81 degrees!  That was the high today here in El Cajon, California.  I think the high back home in Minnesota was a whopping 10 degrees.  It was cloudy here and we got a few sprinkles of rain this afternoon.

We have decided to stay where we are for a few more days, so we went to the office and paid for two more nights.  It was a peaceful day, we just walked around the neighborhood and hung around home.

We did make a grocery run to the Albertson’s store a few blocks from here.  The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile just happened to be there when we drove in.  This was the highlight of our day.


Oscar Mayer Wienermobile


Inside the Wienermobile


Wienie Whistles

  • gasoline: none
  • camping: $63.80 (PA discounted price for two additional nights)
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