To The Salt Mines!

We’re in Hutchinson….OK, so it’s Hutchinson, KANSAS.  We won’t be to Hutchinson, MINNESOTA, until next week.

Here, we stopped to visit the Underground Salt Museum   So cool!  You take the 90-second double-deck hoist (elevator-like ride) down 650 feet to the mined out salt caverns below.  Here is where the museum is. 

Kansas Underground Salt Museum

Kansas Underground Salt Museum

After looking through the museum and the gift shop, we rode a small gauge train through some of the huge chambers, and then a tram ride through more chambers where we saw old mining equipment and items left from miners who worked there in the 1920’s.  The salt is still being mined today, but we could not see the active part.  This is not your table salt that comes from this mine, but rather it’s where the road salt comes from.

Kansas Underground Salt Museum

Kansas Underground Salt Museum

And, because of its unique location, tremendous security, and away from earthquake zones, impervious to weather and pests, and it’s naturally cool, dry, stable environment it is perfect for underground vaults and storage.  They have over three million feet of storage space available.

Underground Vaults & Storage

Underground Vaults & Storage

Movies and props are stored here too.

Agent Smith

Agent Smith Mannequin (Hugo Weaving) used in background of the final fight sequence of THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS (Warner Bros 2003)

  • Gasoline Expense:  $100  @ $3.49
  • Camping Expense:  none
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