Still OK

One of the things we liked about being in the Desert Southwest was the lack of flying insects.  Shops, restaurants, and homes would leave their doors and windows stand open.  It’s not like that in the Midwest.  The scenery is changing here too, we’re seeing more flat green fields and cow pastures now.  We are enjoying seeing them through our bug-splattered cracked windshield.


  Green Fields of Oklahoma

We stopped for a while in Kingfisher (The birthplace of Sam Walton) and visited the Chisholm Trail Museum.   This very nice museum showcases Oklahoma’s history in relation to the Chisholm Cattle Drive Trail, the Land Run of 1889, early pioneer settlers, and the 2nd Territorial Governor of Oklahoma.


Jesse Chisholm


Pioneer Village

182 miles is all we drove today, stopping in Enid, Oklahoma.  We’re holding back, hoping that it will warm up a bit more before we get home.  The clouds are rolling in here now and it’s going to rain here.

  • Gasoline Expense:  $125  @ $3.49
  • Camping Expense:  none
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