Home Sweet Home

Here we are at “home” in Minnesota.  We will be parked in Bernie’s mother’s drive while we are here.  The snow is 99% gone but it’s still freezing at night.  It should start warming up now, wouldn’t you think?

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

I will not be blogging during the time we are here (who wants to hear about trips to the grocery store, doing laundry, and watching TV anyway?)  We do have some things to take care of while we are here, and some catching up to do with relatives.  Our plans are not certain for the next two months, but we do plan to RV to ALASKA this summer.  So, I WILL be blogging that trip!  Thanks for reading… and stay tuned!

  • Gasoline Expense: $149.80 @ $3.53 ($3.55 less $.02 Good Sam/FlyingJ discount)
  • Camping  Expense:  none
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