Today we drove through city, mountains, forest, desert, and city again. Wow, it’s 90 degrees and sunny. This takes some getting used to after all the cool cloudy and wet weather we have seen.


That’s a Lot of Blue

The Scenery Keeps Changing

The Scenery Keeps Changing

We’re on Interstate 95 now, a direct route to Minnesota!  Also, a direct route to the east coast where our kids are (only 3,000 miles to go).

Wild stallion sculptures can be seen by a rest area near Vantage, Washington.   We stopped for a picture.  There is a trail to hike up there but it was too hot for us.


Wild Horses Monument

So much country, so little time.  We will not be exploring the state of Washington or Oregon right now, saving that for another trip.  We want to get to Minnesota to hang out with the rellies for a while before heading to the east coast to hang out with the kiddos for a while before going south for the winter. Speaking of winter…we had our first snowplow sighting today.

Snow Plow Time?

Snow Plow Time?

We’re stopped for the night in Spokane, Washington….and it’s raining.


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