We jumped another time zone again today, now in Mountain Time.  This has been another day of just driving, not stopping to see much.  The west side of Montana is very beautiful, we’re seeing mountains and lakes as well as farms and ranches.  There are cattle and sheep and fields of corn and alfalfa.

The sun came out and it warmed up to 82.



We started seeing several billboards advertising 50,000 Silver Dollar.  I fell for it…all the repeated advertisement over the miles left me feeling a little pressured to visit this place. It was time for a break, and they had ice cream.  And they had souvenirs, and gifts, and a casino, and a western bar, and a restaurant and bathrooms!

50,000 Silver Dollar

50,000 Silver Dollar

True to their claim, the lounge inside really did have 50,000 silver dollars embedded into wood panels and hanging on the wall and covered the bartop.  The first coin was placed on the bartop in 1952.  They say they are still adding about 1500 coins per year.

Gold Coin

50,000 Silver Dollar

A little further down the road, the town of Clinton, Montana, we see this sign.  Darn, we missed the Testicle Festival!  Maybe next time.

Testicle Festival

Testicle Festival

In Deer Lodge, Montana, for the night.  And, go figure, it’s cloudy and raining again.

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