Dunkirk, NY

It’s been a cool cloudy day.  No rain, but I hear that it is on the way, maybe tonight or tomorrow.

We drove 300 miles along I-80, through Ohio, the Northwest corner of Pennsylvania, and into New York State to Dunkirk, which is just south of Buffalo and Niagara Falls, which we plan to visit next. We have been seeing trucks, lots of trucks, more trucks than cars.  And it was a little unnerving being passed by triples, something that we just don’t see in Minnesota but are seeing lots and lots of here.


Being Passed by a Triple

The scenery has become colorful.  Not sure if it’s the peak of their fall colors here but it was sure pretty much of the time.

Fall Colors

Fall Colors along I-80 Ohio

  • Gasoline Expense:  $220.00 @ $3.329 and $3.229
  • Lodging Expense:  none
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