Elkton, MD

Driving the rest of the way around New York City and then down the New Jersey Turnpike and across the Delaware Memorial Bridge, a total of about only 150 miles, seemed like a lot longer drive than it really was.  A car would have been better, but driving this 35′ rig with a car in tow just added to the anxiety and brought our blood pressure up a tad. There are so many people in the Northeast, so many cars on the roads.

The toll to cross just the bridge was $20.

Delaware Memorial Bridge

Delaware Memorial Bridge

We didn’t have any problems but had enough of the driving and parked at the Walmart in Elkton, Maryland, in early afternoon.  It’s a beautiful sunny day, high of 66 degrees. Should be a warm 44 degrees tonight.  We’ll move on tomorrow.

  • Gasoline Expense:  $150 @ $3.18/gallon
  • Lodging Expense:   none
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