Greenbelt Park, MD

It rained over night and for a while this morning.  Once it stopped we hit the road, moving further south, to Greenbelt Park in Maryland.  I’ll never get used to these metro multi-lane highways.  Give me the rural four-lane interstates!  But it was a beautiful fall-colored tree-lined drive, so that helps.

Colorful Drive

Colorful Drive

Greenbelt Park is part of the National Park Service so with Bernie’s National Park Golden Age pass we can dry camp here for only $8 per night.  We paid for four nights.  That should give us enough time to visit Washington DC again, which is only 12 miles south.

We have a very nice spot in the park and have seen several white-tailed deer beside our RV already.

Greenbelt Park, #151

Greenbelt Park, #151

White-tailed deer

White-tailed Deer

  • Gasoline Expense:  none
  • Lodging Expense:   $8


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