Special RVs

We left Charleston, South Carolina, this morning and headed south to Savannah, Georgia. On our way out of the campground we spotted this vintage camper.  Then we saw several more.  There had been a vintage RV rally in the campground and they were all leaving now.

Vintage RV

Vintage RV

Driving these southern roads can be a challenge with a high-profile vehicle like ours.  Our best bet is to stay on the Interstate highways, but sometimes we need to take local roads to get where we are going.  These Live Oak trees looked worrisome but we cleared them, no problem.


Low Branches

We spotted another vintage RV leaving a rest area.


Vintage RV

And then, when we arrived at the Visitor Center in Savannah we spotted a foreign RV.  Not sure what country it’s from.  It has decals of elephants and giraffes on it.


Foreign RV

In previous visits to Savannah we were allowed to park overnight in the Visitor Center parking lot for a small fee.  Usually the large lot had plenty of room for us but not this time. But we did get lucky and were able to squeeze into a back corner.  Fortunately for us, because of the Veteran’s Day holiday Savannah was allowing free parking for the weekend, including overnight.

  • Gasoline Expense:  $125 @ $3.00/gallon
  • Lodging Expense:   none


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