Savannah, GA

There are several companies that offer narrated history tours of the city.  They all start at the Visitor Center. We have taken Old Town Trolley Tours in some of the other cities we have visited, so we went with them here too. They have a dedicated route throughout the city and you can get off at any of their 15 stops, walk around a bit, and get on the next trolley that comes along about every 20 minutes.

Savannah Tour Companies

Savannah Tour Companies

Savannah is one of our favorite cities.  It’s full of history, it’s beautiful, and very walkable. It’s smaller than Charleston and less congested with people and cars.  We got off the trolley at Celebrity Chef Paula Deen’s Restaurant, The Lady & Sons, and had lunch there.

Paula Deen's The Lady & Sons

Paula Deen’s The Lady & Sons

When we finished our lunch we could hear a marching band in the distance.  It was the Veteran’s Day parade just a few blocks away, so we walked over to see it.

Veteran's Day Parade in Savannah, Georgia

Veteran’s Day Parade in Savannah, Georgia

After the parade we walked the few blocks down to Historic River Street. Here you find what used to be a collection of old shipping wharves that have been converted to a pedestrian friendly area.  There is now a large brick plaza and river walk, beautiful landscaping, lots of good local restaurants and unique shops.

River Street

River Street

Last year when we were here we had heard that Joe’s Crab Shack was building a restaurant at the end of the street.  I remember thinking how disappointing it was to think a chain restaurant would be in this area, especially one with large neon sign and all kinds of outdoor decor and flair such as I have seen in other communities.  I was pleased to see how they designed it to fit in with the local style.  We did not eat there, maybe another time.

Joe's Crab Shack, Savannah,GA

Joe’s Crab Shack, Savannah,GA

Savannah was designed on a grid and includes 22 small parks.  You can find a park every few blocks and each one is more beautiful than the other.



Once back at the Visitor Center we saw that the one foreign RV that was there yesterday had left but a new very similar one had arrived.

Foreign RV

Foreign RV

This is not our first visit to Savannah, I’ve blogged about it before.  To see several more pictures of Savannah from the last few years CLICK HERE

  • Gasoline Expense:  none
  • Lodging Expense:   none


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