Pensacola, Day 2

The Pensacola Lighthouse is the oldest light station and the tallest lighthouse on the Gulf Coast.  Some say it’s haunted.  The lighthouse was featured on the Travel Channel’s Haunted Lighthouses of America and on SyFy Channel’s Ghost Hunters.  We made the climb, all 177 steps, to the top.  No evidence of a haunting.

Pensacola Lighthouse

Pensacola Lighthouse

Pensacola Lighthouse

Pensacola Lighthouse

From the top we could see Fort Pickens on the Santa Rosa barrier island.  Our campground is there too.  By the time we got back down our legs were a little wobbly.

View from Pensacola Lighthouse

View of Santa Rosa Island and Fort Pickens

Spectacular views from up there.

View From Pensacola Lighthouse

View From Pensacola Lighthouse

Near the lighthouse is the National Naval Aviation Museum.  This was awesome.  There are amazing displays and lots and lots of historic aircraft inside and outside.  We got there late in the afternoon and didn’t have time to see it all before closing time.  We will be back to see the rest.


National Naval Aviation Museum

National Naval Aviationo Museum

National Naval Aviation Museum

We had to stop and enjoy the sunset through the palm trees on the Gulf of Mexico.

Sunset at Pensacola Beach

Sunset at Pensacola Beach

  • Gasoline Expense:            none
  • Lodging Expense:           $13
  • Lighthouse Admission:  $8
  • Aviation Museum:            free
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2 Responses to Pensacola, Day 2

  1. Ann says:

    ♥ the sunset pic! Great job whomever took it! ♥


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