Bok Tower Gardens

It’s looking like it will be a beautiful day today and we decided to go visit the nearby Bok Tower Gardens, a National Historic Landmark. This 205 foot tall tower and the surrounding gardens was established by Edward W Bok as a gift to the American people in 1929.  The 60-bell carillon rings out every half hour with concert performances at 1 and 3.


Bok Tower

A tour guide walked with us through the beautiful gardens and explained about its history and creation. The tower is not open to the general public.


Bok Tower Gardens

The camellias were blooming and a few other things.

A pond by the tower has some hungry fish.  Food for them is available for purchase.


Feeding the Fish

The gardens are located at the top of Iron Mountain, one of Florida’s highest points, elevation 295 feet, and overlook orange groves down below.

Overlooking Orange Groves

Overlooking Orange Groves

“Make you the world a bit better or more beautiful because you have lived in it.”                               –Edward Bok’s Grandmother

  • Gasoline Expense:  none
  • Lodging Expense:   $28
  • Admission Fees:      $24
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