Fog and a ‘Gator

We have extended our stay here at Davis Bayou Campground through the weekend. I think we have a prime spot. The campground has been full to capacity every day with several RVs being turned away. There is a limit of 14 days and Sunday will be only our 7th day. We’ll decide on Sunday if we will stay or go.

The weather has just been gloomy. Some days of thick fog and rain and clouds just leave us feeling lethargic. Occasionally the sun will make an appearance. One day we walked some of the trails in the forest around the campground. An alligator was lurking in a pond by the road. He was there when we passed later in the day and still there in that same spot the next day.



On one day we drove to Biloxi. The fog hid the view of the Gulf of Mexico from us. The beach here goes on for many miles but nobody was out walking on them. Biloxi has several large casinos and we visited a few of them before exploring further west. Hurricane Katrina devastated this whole area from here through Louisiana in 2005. You can still see empty driveways and foundations where homes and businesses used to be, and reconstruction continues still.

A cast-iron lighthouse, the Biloxi signature landmark, stands proud in the median between the eastbound and the westbound lanes of Hwy 90 along the shore. It was damaged during Katrina but has been repaired.

Biloxi Lighthouse, 1848

Biloxi Lighthouse, 1848

Other than driving around, shopping and eating we’ve just been mostly staying inside watching TV. Just waiting for the weather to improve. But there is some bumpy weather forecast for tonight. Maybe then things will improve.

In the mean time, our alligator friend has moved to the other side of the road.



  • Gasoline Expense:  none
  • Lodging Expense:   $11
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