Move to Greenbelt

Since Cracker Barrel was kind enough to allow us to stay the night in their parking lot the least we could do is go in for a good breakfast before we hit the road. Apparently many of the Canadians in the Walmart parking lot were hungry too. I think we were the only English-speaking people there! I was hearing a lot of French. And a lot of laughter; what a fun group of people.

Highway Driving

Highway Driving

Eventually the parking lots emptied of RVs, us being the last ones to leave. We only went about 85 miles but it was intense driving. Neither of us likes to drive in big city traffic and we had plenty of that today. We would much rather have a leisurely drive down a nice wide four-lane road with light traffic. By the time we got to the park we were tired.

Eventually we made it to Greenbelt Park (National Park Service) which is only about 12 miles from Washington D.C. It’s an urban oasis. Kinda like being way out in the middle of a forest but is surrounded by city.

Greenbelt Park, #75

Greenbelt Park, #75


There are 174 campsites here in four separate loops. While the literature said the campground is open all year, only one of the four loops was open. Signs say that rigs longer than 30 feet were to go to Loop D only. Since that was a closed loop we had to squeeze 34′ into one of the smaller spots in Loop B. There are only about 10 other campers here with us today and room for more. The Camp Host said Loop D should be ready soon. If it does we’ll probably move. The best part is that thanks to Bernie’s Senior Pass we only pay $8 per night. No hookups, but we’re self-contained and there is water and a sanitary dump station available.

  • Gasoline Expense:  none
  • Lodging Expense:   $8
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