Here We Go Again!

Beginning our third year of living full-time in our RV!

The majority of our summer was spent parked on old family farm property in Minnesota. Since most of our relatives are from this area there were several family gatherings to keep us busy all summer. But winter is approaching and we would really like to visit Oregon and Washington State before we go south for the winter, so off we go!

Last minute errands and preparations …gas tank full, water tank full, air in tires.  We even topped off our propane tank so that is full too. We’re all set. Finally we get going early afternoon.

We need to get back into the groove gradually and the problem with going west is that we have to drive into the evening sun in our eyes. For our first day out we drove no more than 150 miles, stopping for the night at the Walmart in Worthington, Minnesota.



The lady at the service counter was very friendly when I asked permission to park here, we feel very welcome. After a bit of grocery shopping we returned to our rig to find that three more RV’s and one semi had appeared in the parking lot beside us, so now we have company. There is not much traffic, it should be a quiet night.

  • Gasoline:  $210 @ $3.13
  • Propane:   $20   @ $2.95
  • Lodging:    Free
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3 Responses to Here We Go Again!

  1. Audrey Perry says:

    Good morning and what a nice surprise to see your post! Happy travels! We are in the Yellowstone area as I type, have the Grand Tetons left and then we’re making our way back to WI for several weeks…but, then it’s our plan to go to the Apache Junction, AZ area this winter. We’ll see how all that works out! Again, great to see your post!


  2. Anonymous says:

    OH! We never got together to see the largest ball of twine! Happy Trails to you…..


  3. Shirley says:


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