Fishy Day

Seems like every morning here is a foggy one. It was late morning before we finally decided to go out.

Yesterday our cruise ship went through the lock at Bonneville Dam so now today we went to see that dam. Built in the 1930’s this National Historic Landmark was the first lock and dam on the Columbia and Snake rivers and provides hydroelectric power to the Pacific Northwest. A second powerhouse was built and began producing additional hydroelectric power in 1981.

Boneville Dam

Bonneville Dam

The dam is run by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The visitor center has lots of great exhibits and videos about the history and function of the whole thing. Multiple fish ladders allow the salmon and other fishes to swim upstream. They are ushered through canals where they are counted. There are viewing windows in the visitor center where you can see the fish as they move from the fish ladder to the counting area.

Fish Ladder at Bonneville Dam

Fish Ladder at Bonneville Dam

That was interesting enough, but then we went next door to the Bonneville Fish Hatchery. Operated by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, it raises salmon and steelhead.

Bonneville Fish Hatchery

Bonneville Fish Hatchery…egg incubators

One of the most interesting things at this hatchery is the Sturgeon Viewing Center where you can see “Herman the Sturgeon” along with some other sturgeon and trout.

Sturgeon Viewing Center

Sturgeon Viewing Center

Herman is over 10 feet long, weighs over 450 pounds, and is over 70 years old.

Herman the Sturgeon

Herman the Sturgeon

The grounds are covered with large ponds for the growing fishes. There are a few older ponds with trout and with sturgeon in them.


Rainbow Trout Pond

When we left we were craving a good salmon dinner, so we found a seafood restaurant for dinner.   🙂

  • Gasoline:  $34 @ $3.29
  • Lodging:   $15
  • Admission: free
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