A Weigh We Go

When we changed our state of domicile from Minnesota to South Dakota a few months back we had to change our vehicle registration to South Dakota. We received our new title for the Jeep, but never did get the new title for our motor home. They had sent us a letter, but we never got it. Who knows where that letter went. South Dakota bases their registration fees on the unloaded weight of the RV, but Minnesota uses the gross weight. The unloaded weight is nowhere to be found on any of the paperwork we have, so we need to get it weighed so we can fax the weight slip to the DMV. (We are NOT going to unload it!)

This is something we have never done. So it was a learning experience for us. We found the nearest truck stop with a certified scale. These are meant for the big semi-trucks so we had to make some adjustments. We had to park at the back end of the scales as they are set up to weigh the tractor part separate from the trailer part. Also, they assume the driver is still in the driver seat so the button to push to get the operator is unreachable by foot. That’s why Bernie is here with a broom handle to push the button to get service. But, by doing that one foot was on the scale which added 40 pounds to the front part of the scale. Funny. Was only $10.50 fee to have it weighed.

Weigh that RV

Weigh that RV

Finally, on our way again. We are now only about 75 miles southwest from where we were last night. We found Spirit Mountain Casino which is west of Salem, Oregon. They have a very large RV parking lot where we can spend the night for free.

Spirit Mountain Casino RV Parking

Spirit Mountain Casino RV Parking

A shuttle circulates the parking lot to take people to and from the casino although it is just a short walk away. Signs say that Security will patrol the lot too. The shuttle driver tells us this is Oregon’s largest casino.

Spirit Mountain Casino, Oregon

Spirit Mountain Casino, Oregon

  • Gasoline:  none
  • Lodging:   free
  • Weigh Station fee:  $10.50
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