Friends and Our Day

It rained all day yesterday. Nothing serious, just plain rain. Enough to keep us inside for most of the day.

Gotta love social media. We are members of a new social group, RVillage, which helps to connect with other RVers near you. We learned there were two other couples in this same campground, also full-timers, and we got together for a little happy hour last night. Probably would have had a campfire if it wasn’t raining!



The rain continued through the night and finally let up around nine o’clock this morning so we drove to Newport for the Farmers Market.

Newport Farmers Market

Lots of Tomatoes



We purchased some mushrooms, a jar of Tayberry Jam, tomatoes, beets, and more. Then we returned to the Historic Bayfront for lunch at one of the many seafood restaurants there and walked around again.

Newport Historic Bayfront

Newport Historic Bayfront

In June 2012 a large dock that was torn from its mooring in Japan during the 2011 Tsunami washed up on a beach here in Newport. A corner chunk of it was cut off and now sits here as an educational tool to increase tsunami awareness.



The Dock from Japan, June 2012


Historic Bayfront, Newport, OR



Fresh Tuna Here!

We heard a sound like a crying baby and when we looked that direction we saw this raccoon looking around, there were two of them!.


Do Not Sit on This Bench!

When we returned to the campground we went for another hike to the ocean.

The Trail to the Ocean

The Trail to the Ocean

The Pacific Ocean

The Pacific Ocean

Tomorrow we move out.

  • Gasoline:  none
  • Lodging:   $24
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2 Responses to Friends and Our Day

  1. Danielle says:

    The photo of Bernie on the beach is fantastic! I’m telling you, you take the best pictures!


    • marsbern says:

      Thanks, Danielle! I wish I could say I spent so much time setting up the shot and using a tripod and an expensive camera, but seriously, It was a lucky shot with my iPhone. LOL


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