Yachats, OR

Sunday mornings are usually busy times for campgrounds as all the weekend campers exit at the same time. We waited until around noon before we left our campsite and still had to wait an hour in a long line of RVs at the lone dump station in the campground. After that we continued our journey down Pacific Coast Hwy 101 to Tillicum Beach Campground, one of the few United States Forest Service campground on the coast. It was only 25 miles from where we were.  Yup, we spent more time at the dump station than we did on the road!

But we did score a nice level dry-camp spot to overlooking the ocean. 🙂

Tillicum Beach Campground

Tillicum Beach Campground, #17

No rain today, for a change, but the wind is picking up and it’s supposed to rain overnight. We took the Jeep into the nearby community of Yachats to have a look around. This weekend was their Mushroom Fest, but we missed it. But we did stop at the scenic overlook. There were several tide pools but it was just too windy and cold to climb down there to see them. 10-second video:

A nice hiking trail runs along the shore for about two miles, but it was so windy and cold, we got tired just standing out there taking pictures.

Yachats, Oregon

Yachats, Oregon

This park bench had a sign on it to remind us that we are in a Tsunami Hazard Zone. There are no signs like this in Minnesota!

Tsunami Hazard Zone

Tsunami Hazard Zone

  • Gasoline:  none
  • Lodging:  $12  (price with National Senior Pass, Regular $24)
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