What a Difference a Day Makes

This was another travel day, driving 205 miles down CA 20, then Interstate 5, and CA 99 landing in Modesto, California. There were significant changes in terrain along the way. We have to work our way around the mountains and we thought this was the best route for us. There were a lot of hills and some winding roads but nothing serious. The climate is changing too. The cold and the wet are behind us now and we are moving into the drought stricken part of the state. We are seeing where some of the big fires of the summer had been.

California Fires

California Fires

The hills begin to smooth out and the trees disappear.



The hills flatten out into crop land and groves of trees and the road straightens.



And then we see the first palm trees of this trip.

Palm Trees

Palm Trees

When we stopped for gas there was this roadside vendor selling fruit across the street from the gas station. He was selling strawberries, oranges, honey, avocados, pomegranates, and persimmons.

Roadside Produce

Roadside Produce

While Bernie was fueling up the RV I walked across the street and bought a bag of oranges for $5 and a box of strawberries for $5.  Great prices! And the strawberries were yummy and the oranges sweet and juicy.

Here's my ten bucks worth!

Here’s my ten bucks worth!

Driving through Sacramento.

Sacramento CA

Sacramento CA

Tonight will be staying in a parking lot in Modesto. Shopping! and Restaurants! But no seafood. More driving tomorrow.



  • Gasoline:  $200 @ $2.99 and $3.39
  • Lodging:  none
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2 Responses to What a Difference a Day Makes

  1. We drove north through Modesto in ’94, and had a water pump go out on our 40-footer. A place called Motor Motion did the work for us on a Saturday, while we took the day and went to Yosemite. We were very pleased with them. They were a Mennonite couple from my wife’s old neighborhood in Indiana. We don’t know if they are still there, but if you need anything done, they are a good place to go. We’re enjoying your photos and reminiscing, waiting for our chance to be out to southern AZ again next year. Stay well and travel safe.


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