On the Way to Death Valley

We left the fairgrounds RV park in Mariposa and began our trek to Death Valley National Park. Almost all of the 250 miles we drove today was in smog. Air quality alerts on TV said it would be that way for a few days in the valley where we are until rain or winds take it away. There are burning bans.



Our drive took us by many vineyards, lots and lots of grapes. We drove past the Sunmaid Raisins plant. And then there are fields of walnuts, pecans, and pistachios. A sign said this is where 100% of the nation’s almonds are grown.



The valley transitioned to hills as we headed west. Then suddenly when we got to the other side of the hills the smog was gone and we enjoyed a few miles with blue sky and sunshine.


But the sun was going down…the days are so short! So we found an RV park along our route in Mojave, California, and will stay here for the night.

Sierra Trails RV Park

Sierra Trails RV Park

As soon as we got parked the sun went behind the hills and I noticed some color so I walked to the edge of the park and snapped this picture. Jet trails almost look like clouds.


Tomorrow we will be in Death Valley National Park. It’s pretty remote and we may not have any electricity, TV, internet, or cell phone coverage. We haven’t decided how many days we will be there and we have no RV park reservations. Before we leave this park tomorrow we will be sure to have our black and gray tanks empty, our fresh water tank full, propane full, a full tank of gas, and all our battery-powered devices charged. We stocked up on groceries already. It should be fun.

  • Gasoline:  $115 @ $2.99
  • Lodging:   $13  (Passport America 50%)
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