Davis Dam

And yet another beautiful day…

Davis Dam is about two miles up-stream from Laughlin and about 70 miles downstream from the Hoover Dam on the Colorado River. Completed in 1953, this is an earth and rock-filled embankment with a power plant. Lake Mohave was created and provides recreation and habitat for fish and wildlife.


The Davis Dam


Davis Dam Power Plant

Lake Mohave

Lake Mohave

Just like the Hoover Dam the road across it is closed to vehicle traffic now.


Davis Dam

Katherine’s Landing is a good-sized resort and marina. There are lots of house-boats docked there. It was very quiet, the campground was nearly empty, not many cars around, and nobody in the water.


Katherine’s Landing

We saw a few burros grazing on the grass in a near-by campground.


Lunch Time


Before we went home I snapped this picture of the Colorado Belle in Laughlin. I really like how that casino was built to look like a river boat.

Colorado Belle

Colorado Belle

  • Gasoline:  none
  • Lodging:  free
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