Christmas Tree Pass

Another beautiful sunny day, around 75F with a little wind.

We have been dry-camping in Riverside Casino’s parking lot for the last several days but now our fresh water tank is empty and our other tanks are full. Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort RV Park is right across the street so we have moved over there for tonight and tomorrow night so we could take care of our tanks and spoil ourselves with full hook-ups. It’s supposed to be 80F for the next couple of days so it will be nice to have the electricity in case we need to run the air conditioner. This is a very nice RV resort with almost 800 spaces. We can call for a free shuttle ride over to the casino any time we want.

Riverside Resort RV Park, Laughlin, NV #347

Riverside Resort RV Park, Laughlin, NV #347

Our exploration today brought us to Christmas Tree Pass, a scenic gravel road between Laughlin and Las Vegas. This afternoon we took the highway out to west entrance so we could drive it with the sun to our backs. The road started out smooth but eventually turned into a narrow rough road where a high clearance vehicle is really necessary because of the washouts and rocks. I’m so glad we have this Jeep.

When we got up into the hills we find all these trees and shrubs decorated up with Christmas decorations. Some look like they have been there a very long time, but others are fairly new. For the record we did not decorate any of the trees with strings of Mardi Gras beads that we have been hauling all around the country wondering what we should do with them. 😉 If anybody asks, just say no.

Christmas Tree Pass

Christmas Tree Pass

A small side road has lots more decorated shrubs. The decorations just aren’t showing up in the pictures, but there must have been up to 50 shrubs along the road and up into the hillsides with beads, ornaments, and garland.

Christmas Tree Pass

Christmas Tree Pass

IMG_8909 IMG_8921

There are supposed to be lots of petroglyphs in the hills somewhere, but we did not find them.  There was no sign and I was not about to get out and walk through the cactus to go look.

IMG_8924 IMG_8929

Oh, it was such a beautiful drive. The road got bad in some places and we had to go real slow. This pic shows some of it but this was not the worst of it. We met three other vehicles on the road, all were Jeeps. By the end of the drive we were “all shook up”.


Christmas Tree Pass

  • Gasoline:  none
  • Lodging:   $25
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