A Few More Lighthouses

It got to about 75F today, and another nice sunny one with a gentle breeze. What to do… we’re not boat people, or off-roaders, or golfers, or drinkers… boring, huh?  But we do like to explore. We found five more of the 1/3 scale replica lighthouses on the island across the London Bridge.

And one more lighthouse that we did not walk out to. The Lake Havasu Marina Lighthouse, not a copy of another lighthouse, but an original.

Lake Havasu Marina Lighthouse

Lake Havasu Marina Lighthouse

We had vacated our $30 campsite at Lake Havasu State Park and moved the RV over into the day use parking lot while we were out exploring. When we got back we found a tag on our window saying that we had to pay the $15 day use fee.

But tonight we have moved ourselves to Craggy Wash, a free dispersed camping area on public land managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) on the north side of Lake Havasu City. It is familiar to us, this is our third visit here. There are no roads, just pick a spot anywhere and set up camp. This makes it easier to orient our solar panel to the south for optimum power generation. There are a handful of others out here with us.

Craggy Wash

Craggy Wash

  • Gasoline:         $100 @ $2.86
  • Day Use Fee:  $15
  • Lodging:          free
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4 Responses to A Few More Lighthouses

  1. I love lighthouses! I wish I had known about these when we visited Lake Havasu City!

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  2. Cynthia Depoe says:

    Enjoy your posts I was wondering if the Lighthouses have a map to there locations and how many there are ? And if there are any replicas of Oregon Coast of Washington Coast Lighthouses ? Thank you


    • marsbern says:

      We picked up a list of lighthouses and a map at the visitor center by the London Bridge. There are 23 lighthouses. The only one from the Oregon Coast is the Umpqua River Light and looks like we would need a boat to get to see that one. It is on the California side of the Colorado River. But stay tuned, maybe we’ll get it yet. There is also the Grays Harbor Lighthouse of Westport, Washington. According to the map it should be located very near the Umpqua Light. Marsha


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