It’s a Small World

The Disney World tune, “It’s a Small World After All,” is stuck in my head now. We were having lunch at an outdoor patio cafe overlooking the London Bridge in Lake Havasu City when we see at the table next to us our former next door neighbors from our old house in Minnesota where we lived when the kid were born. We chatted for a little while but they had to get going with the other people they were there with.

Then we walked the shoreline walk on both sides of the London Bridge. There were not a lot of people there today and hardly anyone in the water.

Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu

Do the young people even know what this is?

Telephone Booth

We drove around the city today just to see the architecture. There are lots of very nice homes here. Of course it is a young city, incorporated in 1978, which to me is only a few years ago. Now the population is more like 52,000.

It’s around 73F and the sky has been overcast all day. There is a 20-60% chance of rain Tomorrow depending on who you talk to. We’ll just wait and see. Some moisture would be nice.

A few more RVs have arrived here in Craggy Wash. Including this interesting one who arrived in his gypsy wagon and parked way back in the corner. I like seeing the unique rigs.


  • Gasoline:  none
  • Lodging:   free
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