SARA’s Crack

Don’t get excited, it’s not what I think you are thinking. SARA stands for Special Activities And Recreation Area. It’s a regional park a few miles out of Lake Havasu City that has many activities including baseball and softball fields, a BMX track, a raceway, a shooting range, a place to fly model airplanes, a 2-acre dog park, a Rodeo area, and lots of hiking trails. Lots of stuff…even hockey.



SARA’s Crack is more appropriately known as Crack-in-the Mountain. It’s a scenic hiking trail down a desert wash to a slot canyon. It’s cloudy today and there is some rain in the forecast, but don’t think it will be enough rain to worry us about being in a wash.


IMG_9181 IMG_9190

The trail through the wash got narrower and narrower and leads to a series of dry falls through the crack. One of the falls is a 7-footer and there is a rope there to help you get down it. This is where we turned back.

SARA's Crack

SARA’s Crack


It did not rain on us while we were hiking, but I could feel it in the air. And then it did sprinkle a little while after we returned to the motor home. It’s about 65-70F, and there is no wind.

  • Gasoline:  none
  • Lodging:   free
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  1. craigdresser says:

    This post cracked me up! (sorry, I can’t help it)

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